08 August 2010

Here We Go Again!!!!!!

We leave tomorrow for our Embassy Appointment and to bring Mebratu home!!!!! This is insanely quick and quite out of the ordinary. Because of the short notice and because I have to be back at work soon, we're not taking a layover either way - flying straight there and back. The trip back is when we'll be desperate for your prayers! We'll travel through 5 different airports and spend 29 hours in four different planes.......all with a 2-year old who has never been on a plane and doesn't know us at all. It's all about survival!!!

The Navy will have me at sea for most of September and October. I e-mailed the embassy and explained my Navy requirements and asked if they could review our paperwork and take our appointment a little ahead of the normal schedule. I received a very luke-warm response and thought nothing of it.......except when our agency called us Tuesday and said the Embassy contacted them and will see us on the 11th.....of August!!!!

Alicia has been baby proofing the house like crazy; I can barely open the door to the garage now without practice. I finished installing two baby gates and one car seat. Chloe was especially helpful in supervising the baby gate installation. Thanks to Alicia, Mebratu's room has been ready for a while.

Internet connectivity at the Guest House won't allow us to update this website, but Facebook works great. If you want to keep up with our adventure, Friend Request Alicia (Alicia Rowland).

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