28 August 2010

Two Weeks Home

The past two weeks have been great and a learning experience. We think Mebratu is doing very well. He seems very fickle on what he wants.
One day the small glass of milk is okay with breakfast, the next day he screams with unbridled terror. After talking with a couple of parents of two-year-olds, we've learned that is typical for this age. He almost sleeps through the night - usually getting up in the middle of the night and getting back to bed easily when one of us tucks him back in. He naps for about two hours in the afternoon. We quickly learned that going without a nap is not a good idea - make that a living nightmare.

He eats nearly everything we give him. (Thanks aunt Laurie for the great monster bowl!) Food is clearly an important issue for him. Most of his meltdowns involve food.....or going to bed.
Speaking of bed, he has taken very well to the bed Alicia picked out for him. We've learned that if we sit in the room after putting him in bed, he falls asleep in about five minutes. Let's just say that not sitting in the room after putting him in the bed elicits a more emotional response.

While I was at sea last week, and my mother came for a visit to help Alicia. She was invaluable to say the least. In the first week he was home, he started to help me around the house and now even mimics what I do. I'm sure his enthusiasm for folding clothes won't last into the teenage years. His English is getting better, but I'm afraid that the first word he probably learned was "no." We look at a picture book before going to bed, and he now repeats what I say when he points to something in the book. All in all, we think he's doing well and we have to remind ourselves (sometimes multiple times daily) that he's only 2 and we've only had him for two weeks!

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