07 November 2010

Parent Revelation of the Day

Two and a half year olds don't recognize shifting clocks to Standard Time. That's right. Sunday morning when the clock says it's 5:30am, Mebratu's internal clock says it's 6:30am and time to play......with the loudest toy he can reach from his closet. The funny part (not really) is our internal clocks welcomed the extra hour of sleep.

We learned two lessons this morning - one old, one new. The new lesson is we are looking forward to shifting clocks back to Daylight Savings Time when the clock shift works to our advantage! The old lesson we re-learned is to better place toys in his closet (i.e., the loud ones on the top shelf).

We had our first Social Worker visit yesterday and it went very well. She helped us update our package after we moved here so it was good to see a familiar face. She will be coming back two additional times for the required 6-month and 12-month reports. Ethiopia requires three Social Worker reports for the first year: 3, 6, and 12 months after arriving home.

She was amazed that Mebratu feeds himself without wearing most of the food, can drink from a real cup, and mimics everything I (David) do.

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