31 October 2010

Home 11 Weeks

Yes, it's been a while. Today happens to be our 11th Week Anniversary bringing Mebratu home. He has kept us busy. What's kept us busier is my ship has been at sea for a while since we brought him home. Of the 77 days we've had Mebratu home, I've only been home for 34 of them. Alicia has done great as a single parent! My mother visited as well as Alicia's good friend Andi which greatly helped. We even had a date night thanks to Andi!

We've learned from friends of 2-3 year olds that nearly all of our challenges are the same as anyone with a 2.5 year old. We also admit that part of the challenge has been figuring out what he's been used to. The other challenge is what he wants actually changes from minute to minute. One morning he wants the banana peeled; the next morning it's Armageddon when we peel it for him. Luckily, we're through most of that phase. All three of us - make that four of us when counting Chloe - our 9-yr old dog - have adjusted well. It seems like Mebratu has already been a part of the family forever.

We have a great church just a few miles from our house.
We have been taking him to Sunday School for a couple of months. He has done very well and I'm glad we started him early. From what we've read, it takes about 6 months for separation anxiety to take hold so we're about halfway to that point, and he doesn't mind it when we leave him.

We have already submitted the first report through the adoption agency. We will have three more reports due over the next year and then one yearly until he turns 18.
That's the requirement from the Ethiopian government, and I kind of like it even though it's extra paperwork for us. It shows how serious Ethiopia takes its children.

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